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October 28, 2009 Introduction

Here you will find a list of new or unusual books & sets.  If you are interested in any please drop us a line at sales@thebookgallery.ca

We carry more than 100,000 titles and are constantly adding. We believe with more than 25,000 mystery titles we may be the largest mystery store in Canada.  We have another 1,000 suspense books as well.  Most are paperbacks but we do have a large number of hardcovers in mystery.

If you send us your request we will check the selection for you and contact you, and if we don’t have it we’ll put it down on our ‘No Obligation’ Want’s list and keep an eye out for you.

- The Book Gallery



 updated feb 03, 2011


Books on, about, or in relation to him by Doyle, Laurie King, Greenwood, and many others!

AUTHOR           TITLE                                                 PRICE  PUBLISHER              YEAR  

Greenberg & 
Waugh, eds.      Sherlock Holmes through space and time               $24.50  Bluejay Books          1984
Ashley, ed.      The mammoth book of new Sherlock Holmes adventures   $10.50  Robinson Publishing    1997
Biggle, L Jr.    The Quallsford inheritance                            $4.50  Penguin Books          1987
Bilgrey, Marc    The Sherlock Holmes cartoon book                     $10.00  Cuckoo Bird Press      1981
Boucher, A       The case of the Baker Street Irregulars               $5.00  Carroll & Graf         1967
Boyer, R. L.     The giant rat of Sumatra                              $5.00  Warner Books           1976
Baring-Gould     Sherlock Holmes: The famous biography                 $6.75  Panther Books          1962
ANONY            The casebook of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle                $7.50  Qual. Paperback Bk. Cl.1993
Conan Doyle, A.  The exploits of Brigadier Gerard /not SHER.HOLM. book $9.50  Canongate Classics     1991
Conan Doyle, A.  His last bow/The casebook of Sherlock Holmes          $9.50  Collier & Son          1927
Conan Doyle, A.  The hound of the Baskervilles 
                 (Illustrated in black and white by Sidney Paget and 
                  in color by Sergio Martinez)                        $11.50  Portland House Ill. Cl.1988
Conan Doyle, A.  The sign of the four/The hound of the Baskervilles    $9.50  Collier & Son          1904
Conan Doyle, A.  A study in scarlet/The valley of fear                 $9.50  Collier & Son          1904
Conan Doyle, A.  Memorias de Sherlock Holmes (Spanish text)            $6.50  Editorial Molino       1981
Conan Doyle, A.  Sherlock Holmes: Selected stories                            Oxford U. Press        1993
Creighton, Milt  Sherlock Holmes solo mysteries: The dynamiters        $5.50  Berkley Books          1988
Davies, D. S.    The shadows of Sherlock Holmes                        $5.50  Wordsworth Classics    1998
Davies, D. S.    The tangled skein                                    $20.00  Calabash Press         1998
Dibdin, Michael  The last Sherlock Holmes story                        $5.00  Faber and Faber        1978
Derleth, August  The memoirs of Solar Pons                             $6.50  Pinnacle Books         1951
Estleman, L. ed  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes                             $3.50  Penguin Books          1979
Estleman, L. ed. Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula or 
                 The adventure of the sanguinary count                 $4.00  Penguin Books          1978
Friesner, E. M.  Druid's blood                                         $5.50  Signet                 1988
Gardner, John    The return of Moriarty                                $4.50  Berkley Books          1974
Gardner, John    The return of Moriarty                                $7.50  Star                   1974
Gardner, John    The revenge of Moriarty                               $4.50  Star                   1975
Greene, Hugh     The American rivals of Sherlock Holmes                $5.00  Penguin                1976
Greene, Hugh     Further rivals of Sherlock Holmes (hard cover)       $13.50  Bodley Head            1973
Greene, Hugh     Further rivals of Sherlock Holmes 
                 'The Crooked Counties'                                $5.50  Penguin Books          1973
Greene, Hugh     More rivals of Sherlock Holmes
                 Early Detective Stories.                              $5.00  Penguin Books          1971
Green, R. L.     The further adventures of Sherlock Holmes             $5.50  Penguin Books          1985
Greenberg, M. H., 
Rossel-Waugh C-L.The new adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 
                 Original stories by eminent mystery writers           $9.50  Carroll & Graf Pub.    1987
Greenwood, L.B.  Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Sabina           $10.00  Simon and Schuster     1988
Greenwood, L.B.  Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Raleigh legacy    $5.00  DAW Books              1995
Hardwick, M.     The revenge of the hound GOOD/GOOD                    $9.50  Villard Press          1987
Harrison, M.     The world of Sherlock Holmes                          $6.00  Nel Mentor             1973
Hall, Robert Lee Exit Sherlock Holmes                                  $4.00  Playboy Pr. Paperbacks 1977
Heard, H.F.      The Mycroft Holmes mysteries: A taste for honey       $4.50  Nelson                 1982
Hodel, Michael P.,
Sean M. Wright   Enter the Lion                                        $3.50  Playboy Pr. Paperbacks 1979
Hosier, Sydney   Elementary, Mrs. Hudson                               $5.00  Avon Books             1996
Hosier, Sydney   Most baffling, Mrs. Hudson                            $4.00  Avon Books             1998
Keane, John      Sherlock Bones                                        $4.50  Avon Books             1979
Lachtman, Howard Sherlock slept here                                   $9.50  Capra Press            1985
Ledgard, Henry & 
Andrew Singer    Elementary Pascal: Learning to program your computer 
                 in Pascal with Sherlock Holmes                        $7.50  Random House           1982
Lescroart, J.T.  Son of Holmes                                         $5.50  Leisure Books          1986
Lientz, Gerald   The crown vs. Dr. Watson                              $4.50  Berkely Books          1988
Lientz, Gerald   Death at Applodore Towers                             $4.00  Berkely Books          1987
Lientz, Gerald   Murder at The Diogenes Club                           $5.00  Berkely Books          1987
Lewis, Arthur H. Copper beeches                                        $3.50  Pocket Books           1971
Meyer, Nicholas  The canary trainer                                    $6.50  W.W. Norton            1993
Resnick, Mike & 
M. H. Greenberg  Sherlock Holmes in orbit                              $9.50  Daw Books              1995
Rosenberg, S.    Naked is the best disguise: The death and 
                 resurrection of Sherlock Holmes                       $4.50  Penguin Books          1974
Saberhagen, Fred The Holmes-Dracula file                               $4.00  Tor                    1978
Shaw, Stanley    Sherlock Holmes at the 1902 fifth test                $6.00  Star                   1985
Stashower, D.    The adventure of the ectoplasmic man                  $5.50  Penguin Books          1985
Symons, Julian   A three-pipe problem                                  $3.50  Penguin Books          1975
Taylor, John     The unopened casebook of Sherlock Holmes             $30.00  BBC Books              1993
Thomas, Frank    Sherlock Holmes and the golden bird  '79 (2nd print)  $5.00  Pinnacle Books         1979
Thomas, Frank    Sherlock Holmes and the golden bird  '85 (3rd print)  $4.00  Pinnacle Books         1979
Thomas, Frank    Sherlock Holmes and the masquerade murders            $9.50  Medallion Books        1986
Thomas, Frank    Sherlock Holmes and the sacred sword                  $5.50  Pinnacle Books         1980
Thomas, Frank    Sherlock Holmes and the treasure train                $6.50  Pinnacle Books         1985
Van Ash, Cay     Ten years beyond Baker Street                        $16.50  Futura                 1984
Weyman, R. C.    The mark of the beast from the annals of 
                 John H. Watson, M.D.                                 $22.50  Simon & Pierre         1989
Weyman, R. C.    Travels in the Canadian West from the 
                 annals of John H. Watson, M.D.                       $13.50  Simon & Pierre         1989

The Great Detective: Sherlock Holmes catalogue- pp27                   $5.00
The Illustrated London News April 1987                                $32.50
Sherlock Holmes: The detective magazine Issue 31
Sherlock Holmes: The detective magazine Issue 43
Sherlock Holmes Gazette Issue 19


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